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Updated Nov 30th 2015

12:00amSaturday Nite FrightsWest Africa ExperienceAnimal TimeGomerokeMending the HoopUnariusB-Movies
12:30amAnimals Have RightsMusic With PeteKshama SawantDW Show
1:00amBoredello of HorrorHindu Cultural HourReel Reviews
1:30amAnimal TimeJook Joint JazzMending the HoopGrindhouse LoungeWYOU Show Archive
2:00amMSL InterviewsThe Kitchen KreweGomerokeDisc Golf HighlightsMusic With Pete
2:30amFunny Guise Snodgraz Synima
3:00amFunny Guise Freedom of PeaceJoe Soko ComedyRoad to RecoveryCooking With Bob
3:30amJoe Soko ComedySplu Urtaf Sketch ComedyWonders of PhysicsRoad to Recovery
4:00amMSL InterviewsMusic With PeteHerb24_HerbsInBathUnarius
4:30amThe Kitchen KreweGallery WorksJoe Soko Comedy
5:00am30CC MusicWYOU CommunityWYOU CommunityWYOU CommunityCapitol City BandWYOU CommunityWest Africa Experience
5:30amGrace and Truth
6:00amProphetic WordThird World IssuesAnimal TimeMSL InterviewsCapitol City BandLa Cuisine Du GarageAnimal Time
6:30amKey to the KingdomThe Kitchen KreweThe Kitchen Krewe
7:00amIn Search of Lord's WayDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVModel Kits: Model Citizen
7:30amWord of TruthWonders of Physics
8:30amFarrakhanKeep On Exploring With Veronica
9:00amDisc Golf Highlights
9:30amRoad to Recovery
10:00amRoad to RecoveryKshama SawantReel ReviewsWake With EckankarUnariusMending the HoopThe Saturday Morning Show
10:30amOmar's School of Energy WorkKeep On Exploring With VeronicaEckankarKshama Sawant
11:00amGraceful AgingMending the HoopAnimal TimeOmar's School of Energy WorkLa Cuisine Du GarageJesse Walker Music
11:30am30CC MusicKshama SawantThe Kitchen KreweGraceful AgingMending the HoopCapitol City Band
12:00pmThe Kitchen KrewePure Heart Clear MindMadison Civics ClubCapitol City BandKshama Sawant
12:30pmWake With EckankarRoad to RecoveryDW Show
1:00pmEckankarRoad to RecoveryMending the HoopJook Joint JazzThe Kitchen KreweJook Joint Jazz
1:30pmPure Heart Clear MindGallery WorksGallery WorksGallery WorksGallery WorksGallery WorksMadison Civics Club
2:00pmDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy Now
3:00pmFreedom of PeaceDW ShowLa Cuisine Du GarageKeep On Exploring With VeronicaOmar's School of Energy WorkMSL Interviews
3:30pmLa Cuisine Du GarageAnimal TimeDW ShowGraceful Aging
4:00pmThe Kitchen KreweWonders of PhysicsDisc Golf HighlightsAnimal TimeThird World Issues
4:30pmWest Africa ExperienceReel ReviewsMadison Civics Club
5:00pmMending the HoopMSL InterviewsHerb24_HerbsInBathAnimal TimeDisc Golf Highlights
5:30pmHindu PerspectivesThe Kitchen KreweGallery WorksJesse Walker Music
6:00pmHindu Cultural HourDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowDemocracy NowCapitol City Band
7:00pmThird World IssuesFree Speech TVFree Speech TVFree Speech TVFree Speech TV/Democracy NowFree Speech TV/Democracy NowReel Reviews
7:30pmMending the Hoop
8:00pmHerb24_HerbsInBathDW ShowJesse Walker MusicCapitol City BandFreedom of PeaceBeerpocalypse NowAnimal Time
8:30pmGallery WorksJook Joint JazzDemocracy NowLa Cuisine Du GarageThe Kitchen Krewe
9:00pmMadison Civics ClubMusic With PeteRoad to RecoveryKshama Sawant
9:30pmKeep On Exploring With VeronicaRoad to RecoverySplu Urtaf Sketch Comedy
10:00pmLa Cuisine Du GarageReel ReviewsCooking With BobAnimal TimeJoe Soko ComedyMending the Hoop
10:30pmJook Joint JazzFunny Guise Animals Have RightsReel ReviewsWYOU Show Archive
11:00pmCooking With BobMSL InterviewsGomerokeWonders of PhysicsGrindhouse LoungeSaturday Nite Frights