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Updated Sep 22nd 2014

12:00amSaturday Nite FrightsWest Africa ExperienceAnimals Have RightsGomerokeMending the HoopUnariusSnodgraz Synima
12:30aminterstitialMusic With PeteWYOU Open ProgrammingFamicom Dojo
1:00amBordello of HorrorHindu Cultural HourAnimals Have RightsBeerpocalypse NowB-Movies
1:30amFunny GuiseJook Joint JazzDave and Noodle Factory KidsDW Show
2:00amWords of PeaceJoe Soko ComedyGomerokeDisc Golf HighlightsFilm Reelzinterstitial
2:30amWords of PeaceinterstitialJoe Soko ComedyFilm Reelz
3:00amFunny GuiseFreedom of Peace - Local Events30c3 Tech ShowRoad to RecoveryFreedom of Peace - Local EventsCooking With Bob
3:30amJoe Soko ComedyWYOU Music Archive
4:00amHuman Guinea PigsMusic With PeteLa Cuisine Du GarageUnarius
4:30amFreedom of Peace - Local EventsFunny GuiseFreedom of Peace - Local Events
5:00am30CC MusicCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarWest Africa Experience
5:30amGrace and Truth MinistriesHerb TVJook Joint JazzKeep On Exploring With VeronicaA Taste of TheaterGallery Works
6:00amProphetic WordThird World IssuesBeerpocalypse NowMSL InterviewsCapitol City BandLa Cuisine Du GarageWisconsin Uprising Archive
6:30amKey to the KingdomWisconsin Uprising ArchiveWisconsin Ironman
7:00amIn Search of Lord's WayDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVDemocracy Now / Free Speech TVHobby Model Kits: Model Citizen
7:30amWord of TruthWonders of Physics
8:30amFarrakhanWYOU Youth Archive
9:00amDisc Golf Highlights
9:30amRoad to Recovery
10:00amWYOU Open ProgrammingKeep On Exploring With VeronicaWake With EckankarUnariusMending the HoopThe Saturday Morning Show
10:30amOmar's School of Energy WorkWisconsin IronmanEckankarWYOU Open Programming
11:00amGraceful AgingWYOU Open ProgrammingNew ChinaOmar's School of Energy WorkLa Cuisine Du GarageJesse Walker Music
11:30am30CC MusicNew ChinaGraceful AgingWYOU Open ProgrammingCapitol City Band
12:00pmKeep On Exploring With VeronicaDave and Noodle Factory KidsPure Heart Clear MindinterstitialCapitol City Band
12:30pmWake With EckankarRoad to RecoveryDave and Noodle Factory KidsDW Show
1:00pmEckankarMending the HoopJesse Walker MusicGallery WorksHerb TVFamicom Dojo
1:30pmPure Heart Clear MindCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarCommunity CalendarKeep On Exploring With Veronica
2:00pmFree Speech TVFree Speech TVFree Speech TVFree Speech TVFree Speech TVinterstitial
3:00pmFreedom of Peace - Local EventsDW ShowLa Cuisine Du GarageWisconsin IronmanOmar's School of Energy WorkMSL Interviews
3:30pmWords of PeaceHerb TVDW ShowGraceful Aging
4:00pmWords of PeaceGallery WorksWonders of PhysicsDisc Golf HighlightsWYOU Youth ArchiveThird World Issues
4:30pmWest Africa ExperienceFreedom of Peace - Local EventsFamicom DojoHobby Model Kits: Model Citizen
5:00pmMending the HoopMSL InterviewsMore than Enough: Mifflin Co-opJesse Walker MusicinterstitialFilm Reelz
5:30pmHindu PerspectivesWisconsin Uprising ArchiveJesse Walker MusicWisconsin Ironman
6:00pmHindu Cultural HourFree Speech TV/Democracy Now Free Speech TV/Democracy NowFree Speech TV/Democracy NowFree Speech TV/Democracy NowFree Speech TV/Democracy NowWYOU Open Programming
7:00pmMSL InterviewsDave and Noodle Factory Kids
7:30pmMending the Hoop
8:00pmA Taste of TheaterDW ShowJesse Walker MusicCapitol City BandFreedom of Peace - Local EventsBeerpocalypse NowHerb TV
8:30pmKeep On Exploring With VeronicaWYOU Music Archive30c3 Tech ShowMore than Enough: Mifflin Co-opWisconsin Uprising Archive
9:00pminterstitialRoad to RecoveryAnimals Have Rights
9:30pmJook Joint JazzBeerpocalypse NowFreedom of Peace - Local Eventsinterstitialinterstitial
10:00pmFilm ReelzMusic With PeteFilm ReelzCooking With BobAnimals Have RightsFamicom DojoAnimals Have Rights
10:30pmWisconsin IronmanFunny GuiseinterstitialJoe Soko ComedyBeerpocalypse Now
11:00pmCooking With BobHuman Guinea PigsGomerokeWYOU Music ArchiveAnimals Have RightsSnodgraz SynimaSaturday Nite Frights